After doing table-top gaming for over 12 years now, this blog is a first. To be very honest, I am not quiet sure how to even start this blog off, but I think the best thing to do, is to first tell everyone what Table-top gaming is.

To everyone who does not know what table-top gaming is, it ranges from older traditional table and board  games ( i.e. monopoly and chess),  to the new board and table games (i.e. Settlers of Catan, Dust: Tactics and Magic the Gathering). Considering this, it really is a wide variety of games to cover.  This endeavor shall be more than interesting and I’m looking forward to learning about the old and seeing the new.

There was a game I was reading about the other day, A Journey Through Europe. It really should spark an interest in those who have played a number of boards in there life.The game was made in 1759.

The more modern version of the game.  (

The more modern version of the game. (

It is the first known game that we can ascribe to an individual designer. In other words, prior to that time, all games were analogous to the anonymous epics that spurred the rise of literature; they were what Dave Parlett (in The Oxford History of Board Games) calls “folk games.” -Greg Costikyan-

You can read the article on Most games we play today are based around the society, just like A Journey Through Europe was during its time. There is a  majority of the Role Playing Games (RPGs) that can attest to this, such as D20 Modern and Monopoly. I thought that this was an interesting thing to read and learn about, because the history traditional games is really something that should be considered as a important.