WIP: Armored Fist Squad 317

This has been a work in progress for the last three months. I was working overtime at a factory over the summer. The only time I had to work on my miniatures was Sunday and I don’t know about you, but if I’m really tired, I just can’t work. I have some time now to show the progress of this squad.

This is the Chimera I am using for the squad.

This is the Chimera I am using for the squad.

The squad is currently being painted, but what’s bad about it is the painting progress. When one of the heads started become caked in paint.


I cleaned the mold lines off the head and then realized I had mold lines on all the other models. Most of these models are from when I was twelve (which is why paint was caked on) and I now have the graces of cleaning all the models. This is a huge bother, but I’m pretty confident that I won’t have the same problem with the second platoon, I hope.


However, this has been a very long project and I’m willing to finish it up. This platoon project has been really fun, but I wish painting was as easy as modeling.


Game Night

What is a Game Night?

Game nights are the most important part of any traditional game club and family. This togetherness is the most important part in forming a community and brings people closer to one another. It is events like this that helps us make memorable moments with people we care about.

Game Night At The Museum 

Volunteers show parents and children how to play the multitude of games that night.

Volunteers show parents and children how to play the multitude of games that night.

Just this September, Galaxy Comics, Games & More, is sponsoring family game night at the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum, which takes place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.,  on the last Thursday of every month.

“This is a brand new thing for us, we had fun with it last time and had a pretty good turn out,” said Chris Randazzo, owner of Galaxy Comics in Stevens Point. “You never know with this sort of thing if you are going to spend the night playing games with each other or you are going to have twenty people.”

Randazzo also said that he that within a few months they will have a good turnout every time and is very enthusiastic about family game night. He sees this event as very important, because it help engage community members and helps in getting parents to familiarize with the fact that there are many family friendly games besides, Monopoly.

He also says that they are trying to show how many fun games are out there and that board games are beneficial.

“The great thing about board games as opposed to electronic games and I have nothing against electronic games, Randazzo said, “is there is so many beneficial things, not only to children, but really for anybody.”

According to Gwen Dewar, Ph.D from parentingscience.com, there are social benefits to board games. These benefits include, games teach lessons about getting along with others and that When kids play with older role models they can learn something else, too: How to win—and lose—with grace and good manners.

At about 5:40 p.m. parents and children startled trickling into the room and by 6 o’clock the game night was in full swing. Everyone was having a great time playing multitude of games like: Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, Castle Panic, Hiss, Duck Duck Bruce, Cardline, Hide & Eek and Catan Junior.

Raise the roof.

Raise the roof.

Cogitationes Populorum

I sat down at a table joined Scott Cherkauer, who was with his son Liam and Brandon Uhlig. We were playing Catan Junior for a better part of the hour. Scott Cherkauer said he and his family don’t play too many board games at home, but did play Monopoly and Sorry Slider.

Liam won at Catan Junior. Right Side: Brandon Uhlig and Scott Cherkauer. Left Side: Scott's Children

Liam won at Catan Junior.
Present in Photo: Brandon Uhlig and Scott Cherkauer and Scott’s Children

“We mostly play Monopoly and Sorry Sliders,” Cherkauer said,” but our biggest addiction at home is Minecraft.”

Scott Cherkauer thinks that games are important for kids too and thinks they are great for being able to think strategically, but says there are other ways to accomplish that and that not everybody needs to think strategically.

“There are other things that you have an interest in, Cherkauer said, the important part is making sure that you are honing in your children’s interest and getting them out to do stuff.”

Brandon Uhlig said that board games may not be that important, however they are fun and may useful when it comes to kids.”I think they are fun and they could be useful, Uhlig said, but not having them doesn’t hurt.”

Uhlig also agreed with the idea that families should play a board games once in awhile. “Any amount of family time is good,” Uhlig said, “as long as every body is involved and is having a good time.”

Finished: Armored Fist Squad 728

Meanwhile At College
It’s done, it is finally completed. I feel I like I some what accomplished something, but at any rate this squad is done. This squad took me a better part of a week to finish up and that’s including the Chimera APC. Finishing the project, I found out, was rather easy; Since I have (literally) a small book of decals. I finally decided to use them up and the I’m happy with the result. Don’t get me wrong though; hand painted numbers are fine, but I don’t paint numbers all that well.

Marching across the desk-top like they should.

Marching across the desk-top like they should.

The squad is rather basic, but that’s how I prefer my squads. I like to have one flamer per-squad, but sometimes grenade launchers are very handy against light infantry and light armor. Lately, I’ve been putting more stock in flamer-throwers, because I think they are more useful when it comes to the over-watch rule. I still like grenade launchers though, because of the range and they have the same firing capability as a mortar team.

The models seem to be screaming a lot that of late.

In all their black and blue and white all over, polka dot glory.

The APC is another story. Much of the work done behind the APC was rather tedious with me having to go back and paint certain spots after I dropped it and surprisingly not break! Since I still paint with old GW colors, I finally got into the technique of layer, but now the new GW paints do that for you, but at least the layering process isn’t as hard anymore.

A view of the left side.

A view of the left side.

A view of the right side.

A view of the right side.

First, for the whole tank I used codex grey as a base layer, then did dry-brushed layer of fortress grey, then a highlight of fortress grey (watered down).

A view of the turret and gunner.

A view of the turret and gunner.

The weapons were based painted with boltgun metal and then layered with chain-mail, then inked with tin-bitz and black ink. The heavy stubber’s ammo can was layered with codex grey, then layered with camo green and highlighted with a watered down sunburst yellow.

The smile written with micro-pen references a photo from the Iraq war.

The smile written with micro-pen references a photo from the Iraq war.

The optics of the crew members helmet and the view ports were painted by layering, regal blue as the base layer, then enchanted blue, then fortress grey then skull white.

Central Wisconsin Table-top Gaming Podcast

This project was rather fun and enjoyable, because I’ve never done a podcast before. I’m glad I got my feet wet on this project, but if I have to do another podcast like this, I can only hope I get better audio. One my guests bailed on me at the last minute. So thank you Andrew for showing up and getting this thing done.


“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound Effects:


If the player doesn’t work you can find it here.



WIP: Chimera 728

Meanwhile At College

I was able to scrap some money together the other day and decided that I would buy another Chimera. I honestly, think it’s a load of crap that they cost almost $40 now. It is nice though that I can get some new bits for the Chimera, but taking away a majority of the accessories makes the kit lacking. A new Chimera will cost about $37.75; when only 3 years ago they only cost $35.00 and had the tank accessories sprue added to the kit. Now if i want the sprue kit, I gotta fork over $15.00 for something that was included. I’m getting charged more, for less. It’s like they are the Federal Reserve and IRS of miniature games.

The Beast of APCs

Tashorn 912th Armoured Regiment Chimera.

It’s all built, but it needs some paint. I’m thinking grey!

Enough about the rant, lets get to the model. The Chimera which was for the most part, easy to build, but I had a major problem with the hatch, and it’s sticking out a good 1/2 cm from the hull. Also, the commander didn’t even have hands to operate the heavy stubber that mounted. I used the arms from a heavy weapons team sprue, which did the trick, but it looks slightly goofy. The gun looks like it is arcing a little to much, but other than that, no other complaints.

The trajectory is off at little bit.

The trajectory is off at little bit.

The stowage you on the Chimera came from an old accessory sprue from 1998. The stowage seemed like a nice touch to add, but I think adding more stowage wouldn’t be a bad idea, however, I got other things to work on at this moment.


Stowage courtesy of 2nd Edition Warhammer 40k

Gathering the Magic

Over the years of playing different table games, a traditional gamer should ask, “what haven’t I played yet?” If you have not already played any card games, I would recommend Magic the Gathering.

Magic the Gathering, also called Magic by its players, is card game that was created by Richard Garfield and is owned by Wizards of the Coast company. The game is now 20 years old and has had a heck of a following since its release in 1993. The success of this game can be attributed to the creation of many collectible card games such as the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-OH! The traditional game board wiki, 1d4chan.org, describes Magic the Gathering with praise. “Magic is notable for being the first to make it big, and its influence can be seen in almost every since.”

This is creator of the game as his own card.

This is creator of the game as his own card and it is real.

The Story Behind You! The Player!

The story of Magic of the Gathering for the player according to wizard of the coast website runs like this. You the player, are something called a planeswalker which is a powerful mage. The planeswalker can travel across multiverse and have unique abilities that allow them to move from one world to the next. This helps them expand their knowledge and gather experience, making the planeswalker more powerful.


What planeswalker card looks like.

Magic Cards Everywhere

Magic the Gathering is also inexpensive to play compared to most collectible card hobbies. Most introduction packs will run you a good $15 to $33 and booster packs will cost $3 to $8. It can easily be said that you’ll be ready-to-play after spending about $30. The fact that you find these cards almost everywhere, like at your local Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Shopko, it should come as no surprise it has a big following and a very player large community.

Davis Kowalski very active player from the Stevens Point is new to the game and he has enjoyed the game thus far. “Through the game you get to learn about what type of person your competitor is. That and elves are awesome.” Kowalski said.