A Very Long Hiatus

Meanwhile During Finals Week…

If you thought this blog was dead, you were wrong. The blog will continue during the year when I have the time and I will be posting some new projects that I will be doing with a friend of mine. Here is the list of projects for this summer:

– Project One

I am very excited about this project. The project I have in mind, with my friend that is, will be a very long and tedious process. Not to mention that he is the only person available and capable of helping me. This project will remain low-key until further notice. I have to do some legislative logistics, because it does involve, not to profit reproductions.

Will I tell you what project one is?

Those who know to much have treasonous thoughts, treasonous thoughts are heretical... you get the picture.

If you have to ask. I will say it involves old models of highly trained elite soldiers and people who live in the Norse afterlife.

– Project Two: Ogres to Orgyn and Bullgryn

No one was safe from the updates, not even Wilford Brimley.

No one was safe from the updates, not even Wilford Brimley.

I recently bought the new Ogryns/Bullgryns kit, and i will say that it is a good kit, but the price is a little steep. However, even though the kit is $47, plus tax, you get a lot with the sprue kit. With the sprue you get to make three Ogryn or Bullgryn. Even though the sprue kit really makes it possible to only make three Ogyrn with ripper guns and six Bullgryns and Nork Deddogg.

I was not satisfied with this so I decided to purchase an Ogre kit, which comes with six Ogres and bits. I was quite happy with the amount of stuff you can get with six Ogres. Not to mention the serious amount of modeling putty that is available to hobbyist if you look in the right places.

Do you want to know how to make this conversion as well?There are various tutorials online, which really helped me out. And I will be doing a step-by-step guide how to do them a different way than normal. So I will try to make a tutorial, but if you want a tutorial right away, I will post a link when I get started.

– Project Three: Finishing, Fixing and Touching Up First Platoon

The whole platoon will have cleaner detail work; some squads look better than others and sometimes it show.

The whole platoon will have cleaner detail work; some squads look better than others and sometimes it show.

I still have not finished painting my first platoon for my army. This is a very long and tedious painting project, since my army isn’t new models I just bought yesterday. There is quite a few squads I have to scrub and redo still. Not to mention that most of the vehicles, such as Chimeras, are from when I played 3rd edition.

Now that I have a better understanding of how to paint models, I want to do a repaint of the platoon. I plan to make the Chimeras look better and include squadron markings; now that I have had the time to learn how to paint them. I will be finishing up the other squads of first platoon as well. So look forward to seeing a whole platoon, being redone and touched up.

After this platoon is done, then I have a whole another platoon, but that is another long list of buying Chimeras from ebay.com and fixing broken bayonets. Not to mention the soaking and scrubbing them will take a very long time. Which is why I stopped working on my Space Marines back in December of 2013.

Project Four: Restarting the Scrubbing of the Space Marine


More Ork c@# than you can shake a stick at… I mean, cleaning supplies are great for repainting a whole chapter!

I bought a whole jug of simple green to be sure that I would be able to get all the paint off the Space Marines, but the constant changing of the liquid was bothersome. At first I thought this project would be easy, but I was wrong.

Simple Green started proving effective after the third soaking, but the model that I thought were held together with super glue fell apart. Apparently, plastic modeling glue does not hold well in simple green and the majority of the models are now in pieces.

Also, here is my word of advice: Never buy your friends miniatures, especially when he paints minis by soaking them with paint and letting layers cake on. Some people were not meant to paint, because when your army is paint-cake-marine, it is time that you need to learn how to thin your paints. I know that I forget to do that from time to time myself, but for God’s sake, when your captain’s face is melting and it is not because of a flamer, please go buy a painting guide.


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