A Very Long Hiatus

Meanwhile During Finals Week…

If you thought this blog was dead, you were wrong. The blog will continue during the year when I have the time and I will be posting some new projects that I will be doing with a friend of mine. Here is the list of projects for this summer:

– Project One

I am very excited about this project. The project I have in mind, with my friend that is, will be a very long and tedious process. Not to mention that he is the only person available and capable of helping me. This project will remain low-key until further notice. I have to do some legislative logistics, because it does involve, not to profit reproductions.

Will I tell you what project one is?

Those who know to much have treasonous thoughts, treasonous thoughts are heretical... you get the picture.

If you have to ask. I will say it involves old models of highly trained elite soldiers and people who live in the Norse afterlife.

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Gathering the Magic

Over the years of playing different table games, a traditional gamer should ask, “what haven’t I played yet?” If you have not already played any card games, I would recommend Magic the Gathering.

Magic the Gathering, also called Magic by its players, is card game that was created by Richard Garfield and is owned by Wizards of the Coast company. The game is now 20 years old and has had a heck of a following since its release in 1993. The success of this game can be attributed to the creation of many collectible card games such as the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Yu-Gi-OH! The traditional game board wiki, 1d4chan.org, describes Magic the Gathering with praise. “Magic is notable for being the first to make it big, and its influence can be seen in almost every since.”

This is creator of the game as his own card.

This is creator of the game as his own card and it is real.

The Story Behind You! The Player!

The story of Magic of the Gathering for the player according to wizard of the coast website runs like this. You the player, are something called a planeswalker which is a powerful mage. The planeswalker can travel across multiverse and have unique abilities that allow them to move from one world to the next. This helps them expand their knowledge and gather experience, making the planeswalker more powerful.


What planeswalker card looks like.

Magic Cards Everywhere

Magic the Gathering is also inexpensive to play compared to most collectible card hobbies. Most introduction packs will run you a good $15 to $33 and booster packs will cost $3 to $8. It can easily be said that you’ll be ready-to-play after spending about $30. The fact that you find these cards almost everywhere, like at your local Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Shopko, it should come as no surprise it has a big following and a very player large community.

Davis Kowalski very active player from the Stevens Point is new to the game and he has enjoyed the game thus far. “Through the game you get to learn about what type of person your competitor is. That and elves are awesome.” Kowalski said.